Tips To Clean Your Home FAST


Cleaning takes time, energy, and more energy. When we get home from a long day the last thing we want to do is spend the rest of the night cleaning. If you’re in a time crunch these quick trips can help you through it:

First Step: Get A Plan Together

  • Look around at what people might notice the most: Shelves, tables, or places they might set their drink.
  • Clear areas people will congregate or sit.

Living Room
Estimated Time: 15 Minutes

  • Straighten, straighten, and straighten! If you do not have time to organize, simply straightening something like a stack of magazines looks nicer.
  • Use a clean cloth to dust off areas that might catch sunlight.
  • If you have pets make sure to look for any unwanted pet hair gathered on the couch.

Estimated Time: 15 Minutes

Bathrooms are pretty easy. Typically there are four areas to focus the most: Toilet, sinks, mirror and counter.

  • Toilet: Spray, scrub with a toilet bowl brush, and flush.
  • Sink: Spray with disinfectant and wipe with paper towels instead of a wash clothe so you can throw them out.
  • Mirror: Get any water droplets off with glass cleaner and a paper towel.
  • Counter: Again, straighten! Make sure the hand towels looks nice and everything is in its place. Wipe down with disinfectant and a paper towel.
  • Last shake out the rug to make the floor look fresh.

Estimated Time: 15 Minutes

  • Focus on making the counter space clean by wiping the area.
  • Clean the sink of any food particles and wipe the faucet clear of any water droplets.
  • Put out fresh hand towels and take out the trash.

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