DIY: 3 Ways To Reuse Your Old Scarves


Ever wonder what to do with your old scarves that you just don’t use anymore or that you consider “out of style”? What about the bandannas you might have laying around or that you see in the dollar bin at your local store? Here are a few ways to reuse these items to not only save money but add a creative flair…

Gift Wrapping-

Did you ever think about using a scarf to wrap a gift? Me either! Check out this short video on how to wrap a gift with a scarf by HGTV. Just in time for the holiday and possibly a wrapping paper money saver? What do you think?

Pillow Case-

With bigger scarves you can either wrap them around your pillow securing them with a pretty tie or bow or if you like to sew, you can sew a pillow case. Use these tips for throw pillows in your family room or even to add a pop of color in a throw pillow for your bedroom.

Decorate a Vase-

Take a simple vase and add a scarf for decorative flair or a seasonal touch. Wrap it around the vase and secure it with a bow. You can even whip out your needle and thread to create a sleeve or ribbon type look for a one of a kind accent. Get creative here!




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