Five Keys To Successful Negotiation

Five Keys To Successful Negotiation- Judy Gang

Five Keys To Successful Negotiation- Negotiating for the price of your new home or the home you’re selling is half the battle, on both sides. On one hand you want to get the best return on your investment if you’re selling, but if you’re buying you want to get the most home for your buck. Whether you’re buying or selling, negotiating is always key. Here are five keys to successful negotiation.


Make Saying Yes Easy

Start with the least demanding requests and get them to say yes. Starting with a yes is always better than starting with a no, that way when you get to the most demanding of your requests, you will still be happy with all of the “yes” answers you’ve already received.


Explain the Why, Before the Want

Explain why you want a certain outcome, before you explain what you want. If all of the homes in the area are the exact same price but the one you’re placing an offer on doesn’t have a basement or garage, explain that to the home buyer. It makes more sense than just offering less than a certain amount of money.


Have a Strategy

With every negotiation, comes a well thought-out strategy. You can’t necessarily always predict what is going to happen; however, you can think of different scenarios and determine how you should react to those scenarios. Talk through this with your real estate professional, they will be able to provide the best guidance and feedback.


Knowledge is Critical

Like all well planned out negotiations, knowledge is key when you’re negotiating for a home. You need to know a good amount about the market and the homes for sale in the area to get the most out of your negotiation.


Remain Calm

Negotiating is tricky and won’t always remain in your favor. However, it will be important for you to remain calm throughout the process. Everyone has the same end goal in mind, so getting worked up about something won’t do you any good.


To read about more tips for successful negotiation, visit here.


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