Tips For Organizing Your Home This Spring


Tips For Organizing Your Home This Spring – Our homes can collect even more clutter through the winter season. Find out the best way to organize your home so it is fresh and clean for spring! Here are 10 great tips for organizing:

  1. Re-use an old flower pot or bucket by the front door to store wet umbrellas. This way your umbrellas are easily acceptable for spring showers, and keeping puddles off your floor. Customize the pot or bucket by painting it in colors to match your decor.
  2. Use roller shades to conceal clutter on your shelves. Your local hardware store can cut roller shades so they can easily fit inside your shelving units. Chose a color to match and pull them down to hide your clutter!
  3. De-clutter your pots and pans by installing towel rods on the inside of your cabinet doors. This creates a great space for storing the lids to your pots and pans, rather than letting them stack up.
  4. Get summer ready! Create a tote or basket for all of your summer needs such as sunscreen, bug spray, sunglasses, and towels. When warmer weather strikes you will know exactly where to go to enjoy the sun.
  5. Install a lazy susan in the fridge. A lazy susan is perfect for storing condiments and other bottles in your refrigerator. It makes it easy to spin and find exactly what you are looking for.
  6. Vacuum seal bulky winter clothing to store under your bed or in closets. Sort all of your winter clothing into separate vacuum sealable bags and label them. Vacuum sealing makes them smaller and easier to store and find for next winter.
  7. Create a remote basket or tote. Store the remotes to all of your devices in a cute basket or tote with cubbies. Next time you need the remote you will know exactly where it is.
  8. Install hooks for your keys by the front door. There are many decorative options to look cute in any room. Once it becomes a habit, you will always know where to find your keys.
  9. Create a mail station. A designated mail spot will make finding your mail easy, no matter who brings it in. Include a letter opener, stamps, envelopes, and your address book to make it the ultimate station for mail.
  10.  Shoe shelves make it very easy to organize your shoes. Pick a shelf size that suites your needs to place in the spot that normally collects the families shoes. This creates a nice display of them, and designates the proper place for every day footwear.


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