3 Apps To Help Organize Your Important Files

If organizing your family, work, school, appointments, meetings, etc. is getting to be difficult, consider using these great apps to help keep your documents – and your life – organized.

With literally tens of thousands of apps to choose from, many claiming they can help us organize our life, how do we know which one is right? Which one can keep track of important documents? What about photographs? School work? Presentations and spreadsheets? In this day and age we have work, family, school, and more tugging us in all directions – get organized and simplify your life with these tried and true apps!

1. Dropbox

·      Dropbox allows you to organize and share your files, and access your information from virtually anywhere

·      Dropbox is simple to navigate and free (for the first 2GB of storage)

·      You can subscribe to Dropbox and get up to 100GB of storage if you need it

·      You can keep any kind of file in Dropbox, much like how you can save any type of file to your computer’s system

·      You can further organize your files in Dropbox by creating special folders

·      You can even make these folders public and share them with other Dropbox users

·      Want to share a file with someone who isn’t on Dropbox? Send them a link!

·      Dropbox is available on nearly every platform, including Mac, Windows, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Android and Blackberry – so you can access files from virtually anywhere

2. Evernote

·      Evernote can store nearly anything you need – pictures, songs, text, screenshots, spreadsheets, links, voice recordings, documents – you name it

·      You can tag and search for information you’ve stored in Evernote, making it easier to find the information you need

·      You can even take a picture of something (a business card, to-do list, etc.) and search for the words in the image

·      If you don’t want to tag your files, you can organize information into ‘notebooks’

·      Evernote syncs information from all of your devices, so it’s always up to date and available when you need it

3. Google Drive

·      Similar to Dropbox, Google Drive lets you store and access your files anywhere

·      Access Google Drive at drive.google.com

·      Install the Google Drive app on your computer and/or mobile device

·      Upload and create files in Google Drive that go wherever you go

·      Access files through drive.google.com or through any device with the Google Drive app installed

·      Google Drive syncs information on all of your devices

·      Whenever your device is connected to the internet Google Drive is working to make sure your files are up to date

·      Eliminates the need for emailing attachments to people – just choose who you want to share a file, folder, or Google Doc with

·      The first 15GB of storage are free (across Google Drive, Gmail, and Google+ accounts)

·      You can purchase more space at any time

Use any one of these apps, or all of them together, to help keep all of your important files organized and accessible. Simplify your life and let these apps do some of the work for you.

For more apps that can help you keep organized, check out this article!

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